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iDairy®, the Complete Dairy Animal Management System

Think about your farming future – is there any reason why you shouldn’t use the technology today that will be commonplace in the future? Farming can be easier and more profitable.

iDairy® is not just another software program. It is a powerful set of tools that can add real benefit to your dairy operation. iDairy® products bring you todays technologys, starting with our herd management & mobile solutions, right through to our full automation with drafting, feeding and in-shed identification.

iDairy® has been developed in Australia for Australian Dairy Farmers. Our team has more than 20 years experiance in the Australian Dairy Industry. We pride ourselves on great service and customer satisfaction. We are constantly improving our products, adding new technologies and making them easier to use, which keeps us ahead of our competitors.

How do we do this? Simple, by listening to our customers. iDairy® puts the power to farm better at your fingertips.

With iDairy®, a Cow Won’t be Lost In The Mob

iDairy® provides automated solutions and up-to-the-minute information during milking, helping make the management of your herd quicker, easier, less stressful, mistake-free – and more effective.   

No matter how big your herd is, iDairy® allows you to treat your cows as individuals by simplifying day-to-day tasks such as locating cows, drafting cows, recording administered treatments and recording events to specific animals.

You won’t miss drafting a cow, for AI, that you knew was on heat, or forget to treat one. You won’t accidently milk a cow whose milk you know should be withheld from the main vat.  iDairy® can easily be programmed to alert milking staff of almost anything, including 3 teeter cows, or that one cow in the herd that loves to kick!

What’s more, you can be confident that all the right actions are being taken, even if you are not present at the milking. iDairy® takes away the dependence on one person’s knowledge, or on fallible memories! iDairy® provides you with the tools to better manage your farms overall productivity and efficiency. It supports timely and relevant decision making. It not only helps maximise your profitability – it reduces the stress and frustration of drafting on you and your staff.



"If you're going to have employee milkers, a sharefarmer or a farm manager, it increases accuracy; it's a good tool. The iDairy software program makes it very easy management-wise to run the business"

Adrian Whittaker-    Whittaker Enterprises


"It's very user-friendly, not complicated at all. It saves us a lot of time and helps us with breeding"

Graeme Cope-             Cope Family farm